Frequently Asked Questions

Is there and application fee?

There is no fee to apply to TGI.

When are applications due?

Applications close on Acceptd on May 17th

Can anyone apply to TGI?

While there is a special emphasis on Black, Indigenous, Asian, Island Pacific, Latinx, and People of Color, we encourage everyone who is meet the gap year criteria to apply for the program.

Is TGI only for people in the Charlotte metro area?

No. All students interested are welcome to apply. TGI will work with you students who are not from the region to find a host family.

Are you licensed and insured?

TGI is fully insured, and parents are strongly encouraged to purchase their own insurance, or utilize 

Can I be a virtual TGI student?

The Confrere has been designed to be an in- person program. However, we have alternative plans that will be implemented if COVID-19 protocols make it necessary 

Does TGI provide transportation to and from campus

At this time, TGI does not provide transportation to and from the CPCC Levine campus.

What does my donation to TGI go towards?

By partnering with TGI, you share the vision to make collegiate theatre education more attainable to BIPoC artists. Your tax-deductible gift will provide a valuable theatre training and experience to our students and educators.