Welcome to The Theatre Gap Initiative

The Theatre Gap Initiative (TGI) is a nonprofit college-prep program for recent high school grads who aspire to apply  for Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and conservatory programs. TGI's programming is particularly focused on helping artists from the global majority successfully navigate the process of applications, prescreens, auditions, and scholarships.

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What is TGI?

TGI is partnered with Acceptd to host our applications. There is no cost to apply. The application deadline is June 20, 2023 for the 2023-24 Confrere.  

Don't let financial challenges be a hindrance. There are scholarship opportunities available. We encourage all students interested in TGI to apply... come grow with us!

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Theatre Gap Initiative's mission is to forge a new path for BIPoC arts students. Your support of TGI will change students' lives. It will help them earn a college degree and launch a career in professional theatre. You can help bring their dreams within reach.  Donations are 100% tax-deductible and every gift helps. 

If  you would like to donate you can text "TGI" to 53555 or click the donate button.

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Partnerships, not Competitors

Because of the nature of our work and the sense of purpose, Theatre Gap Initiative has partnered with several amazing industry professionals who've joined our Advisory Board, as well as Arts Organizations nationally and  in the  Charlotte region. Some organizations include: 
Arts and Science Council
Broadway Collective
Children's Theatre of Charlotte
Central Piedmont Community College
Craft Institute 
College Audition Project United Auditions
Encompass Collective

photo credit: Brooke Watts "Cassie" -A Chorus Line 
Northwest School of the Arts, 2019.
photographer: Bradley White